Child support in the State of Florida is determined by Child Support Guidelines that account for the income of both parents. The Child Support Guidelines take into account numerous factors, including income, parenting plans, health insurance and child care costs. Our firm helps clients with a wide range of child support issues. Our firm is prepared to represent all of our clients personally and professionally in these difficult matters. For example, many people do not know that you are not entitled to a change of your court ordered obligation prior to filing an actually lawsuit even if your changed circumstance has existed for an extended period of time.


    Also, many people do not realize that the non-payment of child support, and alimony, is one of the few third party debts for which one can be incarcerated in this county. These are issues that should always be discussed with legal counsel. Flaherty Law Firm ensures each client properly understands these complex issues. Give us a call today.

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