A Pre-Nuptial Agreement (also called an Ante-Nuptial Agreement) is intended to determine in advance of a marriage how to divide assets and liabilities. Those assets and liabilities include, but are not limited to, real and personal property, retirement plans, stocks, business interests, debt and the identification of each of these as marital or non-marital. Frequently, even discussing a pre-marital agreement with your future spouse is difficult and emotional as those entering into a marriage do not want to think or address possible dissolution issues prior to marriage. However, doing so, and incorporating the intent of the parties into an appropriate Pre-Nuptial Agreement, allows the parties to avoid potential expensive legal battles if divorce occurs. Post-nuptial agreements are similar in nature but the parties execute same after the marriage. All Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements require spouses to fully disclose their financial assets and debts and outline the protection of certain assets in case of divorce. Flaherty Law Firm is experienced in preparing pre and post nuptial agreements on behalf of their clients.

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